Perritt Laboratories

Sample Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting samples to Perritt Laboratories for testing, clients agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Client is responsible for determining the testing that is appropriate for their material or product.
  • Client is responsible for meeting all regulatory requirements for their material or product.
  • Client is responsible for interpreting the test results provided by Perritt Laboratories and for taking appropriate follow-up measures in response to the test results.
  • Client is responsible for properly identifying the material or product being submitted.
  • Client is responsible for ensuring that the samples submitted were collected according to the client’s established sampling procedure.
  • Client is responsible for determining the appropriate amount of sample to submit (based on the size and manner in which the batch was produced, or any other relevant factors) to ensure that the sample is representative of the material or product.
  • Client will inform Perritt Laboratories about anything in the submitted material or product that may interfere with the test (such as, but not limited to, preservatives, antimicrobials, alcohols, flavors, coloring).
  • Client acknowledges that Method Suitability should be performed on materials or products not previously validated by Perritt Laboratories for that client. If Method Suitability is not performed (by client request), the client acknowledges that the test report will indicate that Method Suitability was not performed by the client’s request. The client agrees that such testing will be ‘For Information Only’ and must not be used in relation to any submission or the release of any material or product.
  • Client is responsible for notifying Perritt Laboratories anytime that there is a change in a material supplier, change in a product formulation, or any other change that requires that a new Method Suitability be performed.
  • Testing will not be initiated without a valid Purchase Order number unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

Fees and Payments:

  • Fees and quotes are valid for 90 days unless otherwise indicated.
  • Payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • Late payments may be charged interest of 1.5% per month on the balance that exceeds Net 30 days.
  • If client changes or cancels a test request after samples are received, client is responsible for payment for any work done prior to acknowledgement by Perritt Laboratories or the change or cancellation request.
  • Client acknowledges that Method Validations may require additional work beyond the initial validation attempts. Client is responsible for any additional charges.
  • Client acknowledges that Gram stains and organism identification may be necessary for organisms recovered during testing. Client is responsible for any additional charges.

Additional Fees:

In addition to the actual test fees, Client is responsible for the following fees:

  • Laboratory Investigations, unless due to Perritt Laboratories error may be charged $250
  • Revision to Laboratory Report (Supplemental Report), unless due to Perritt Laboratories error may be charged $100
  • Interim AET results will be invoiced $100 for each time point. Client will be notified of time point failures at no additional charge.

Client acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions may change and it is their responsibility to ensure that they have read the current version.