Pioneers in CR Testing

Perritt Laboratories, the preeminent child-resistant package testing laboratory in the world, is a pioneer in child-resistant package testing. No other testing laboratory has done more, been there for longer, or been more involved in the creation and evolution of child-resistant packaging and the testing protocols.

Dr. Alexander M. Perritt, CEO and founder of Perritt Laboratories, was there at the inception of child-resistant package testing. He was an original member of the 1968 joint government and industry technical committee that formulated the first child-resistant package testing protocols in the United States.

Throughout Dr. Perritt’s impressive career, he and his staff at Perritt Laboratories have been thoroughly involved in all matters of child-resistant packaging.

  • Dr. Perritt helped formulate the original child-resistant packaging test protocols.
  • He supervised early FDA studies that evaluated and critiqued the child-resistant protocol in 1972.
  • He also served on the CPSC technical advisory committee on Poison Prevention Packaging.
  • Dr. Perritt served as the United States delegate to the International Standards Organization (ISO) for child-resistant packaging.
  • Richard Ward, Director of Consumer Product Testing at Perritt Laboratories, has served as the Chairman of the Canadian Standards Association committees on child-resistant packaging.
  • In 1991, Perritt Laboratories presented oral comments to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission in which Dr. Perritt proposed major changes in the adult testing of child-resistant packaging protocols. As recorded in the Federal Register, the commissioners concluded his suggestions had merit and were later adopted into the final rule changes in 1995.

Each and every day, our staff is completely involved in the testing of child-resistant packaging with both children and senior adults. It has been and will continue to be the focus of our company. It’s why we are the experts in the field.

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